ISO 22000

Food Safety Management

ISO 22000 is a global standard setting out the requirements for an effective Food Safety Management System. It works throughout the food and beverage chain, from primary producers through processing, packaging, storage and distribution, retail and catering. As well as equipment and additive producers, to ensure that food and beverages are safe at the time of human consumption.

What are the benefits to me and my organization?

The ISO Food Safety Management System; demonstrates an organization's commitment to food safety, and provides a means to demonstrate that an organization is taking the necessary steps to control food safety hazards.

How can it help me to gain business?

  • Public sector recognition
  • Global standard - marketing opportunities in both developed and emerging markets
  • A “trust mark” to help customers make informed choices
  • Demonstrates compliance across sectors
  • Emphasises an organization's concern for food safety

What are the internal benefits for my business?

  • Demonstrates compliance across sectors
  • Traceability in the feed, food and beverage chains
  • Harmonised implementation
  • Identifies risks and controls sanitary hazards

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Case Studies

These case studies show how organizations have successfully implemented ISO standards into their company's. They demonstrate that businesses
with the ISO Standards become more efficent, which in turn increases productivity and reduces costs.